Sexy Woman Shows Her Mature Wrinkled Soles. Full HD Video

Not all people prefer a very young girl’s feet. Many guys really enjoy watching mature wrinkled soles of women in their forties or thirties. Our beautiful model Loretta is one of these ladies who has a beautiful body, skin, nice and sexy feet, great legs, and amazing eyes. She is an experienced model; that’s why she knows how to pose correctly and show her in the best possible way. In this video, she wears a short black leather skirt and light-colored high heeled pumps. She stands near the wall and dips her feet into the shoes and then takes them back. She shows her soles very close to the camera, showing the wrinkled on them and her beautiful toes with the red nail polish on them.

This is our very first candid feet video where Loretta shows her own footwear that she brought to our shooting. She told us that she owns a big collection of high heeled sandals, mules, and pumps, and she is always ready to demonstrate them to us. This lady has to have lots of shoes because of her profession! She works as a model for more than 12 years; she was working with different magazines and studios in different genres and styles.

This beautiful mature wrinkled soles video is made with the use of natural light. You will be able to see all the details of her sexy feet and toes. Loretta does everything slowly and gradually, allowing you to observe and inspect her soles in the best possible way. They are soft, silky, and pink. There are no flaws at all! All the true feet lovers will be delighted by this 4k video. We are always waiting for your feedback! Don’t forget to check Loretta’s photoset in our gallery! Some people prefer still images instead of videos. Enjoy!


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