Big Beautiful Soles And Feet. 4k video

Isn’t it pleasing to look at big beautiful feet? When people are drawn to this mesmerizing part of the human body, having it big enough so they can see all its attractive features is so fulfilling. Just take a look at the classy girl in this enticing eight-minute video. Her big beautiful feet will undoubtedly make anyone’s day. The gorgeous girl in this foot fetish video is sporting a chic black silk robe. It’s a short piece that exposes her long milky limbs and generously sized feet. Her robe has elegant white ribboning on its flowy sleeves and makes her look like a luxurious hotel heiress. Her beautiful and short ash-blond bob does her all favors by making her look so effortlessly sexy.

As she lies seated with her legs stretched on her comfy bed, viewers can see her feet from up close. The camera will get as close as possible so viewers can see her big beautiful feet and ripe pink soles. The spotless white of her fresh mattress matches perfectly with the white of her elegant white toenails. It’s such a simple and alluring setting that allows admirers to focus on the beauty of the model’s feet.

As she scrunches her feet, viewers can see her soles wrinkle with delicate lines and grow pinker with the flush of blood. She rubs her feet from the sides, helping her onlookers imagine how smooth her skin must be. They can feel how at ease she is by her soft movements.  And it’s not over yet! The girl shifts her position from sideways to a direct front shot of her feet. It’s as though the viewers can almost touch her feet as she stretches them towards the screen. If anyone wants a nice extended look at a pair of stunning bounteous feet, they better not miss clicking on this video.

Model: Annette
Nail polish: French
Release date: 07.08.2020


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