Candid Feet Video With Sexy Blonde Girl. 4k

Our calling is to make the best possible candid feet videos! We know that the best foot fetish content should be in perfect quality, girls have to be beautiful, well-groomed and fit, and the actions of the videos have to reveal all the beauty of female feet, toes, and soles. In our videos, we use only 4k cameras with the best possible quality, and we almost always use natural daylight instead of artificial lighting. It is crucial because it allows the viewer to see all the details of sexy female feet and toes. In this type of content, details are everything! We cannot afford to neglect them!

In this video, our model Alina is sitting on the floor while wearing beautiful short white shorts and a green top. She stretches her legs, wiggles her toes, and shows all the beauty of her soft soles and amazing feet. She smiles all the time because she is happy to participate in that kind of video shooting where she can reveal something which is underappreciated in our world. She crosses her legs, again and again, allowing the viewer to see her feet from all the angles and in all possible poses. This show is hypnotizing! I bet every one of you would want to be there in real life and to have a chance to see her feet at the close distance!

Her soles are a little bit dirty, but this does not spoil this candid feet video. It just adds a little bit of charm because many guys really like dirty female soles. What do you think about it? You can always share your thoughts and ideas with us. We will take it into consideration and will do our best to fulfill your dreams with our models! Our feet girls are always happy to experiment with the new scenes and actions.

Model: Alina
Nail polish: Grey
Release date: 01.04.2020


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