Crushing In High Heels, 4k Foot Fetish Video

If you’re one among the many people who love watching people destroy things, this is it! The only real significant difference is that you will see Lera, our model, doing all the crushing and destroying for this video. Don’t like cigarettes?  We have sexy fruit feet crushing video too! This video has all the cameras focusing on Lera crushing in high heels! To finish off the already sexy super high heels, Lera is wearing a red mini dress that goes so well with her short blonde hair.  The whole video is taken in front of a bar, and Lera walks in all clad in her best and ready to start crushing in high heels. The super high black heels are the perfect addition to the red dress that she’s wearing as she walks around the bar. Her toes are also painted in a shade of red similar to her dress which ties together the whole look. 

As the camera pans down, there are a bunch of cigarettes on the floor, and Lera is standing in the middle of it all. At first, she only plays around with the cigarettes with her high heels, but then she starts to step on them. As she crushes down on the cigarettes, you get this satisfying ASMR sound that fills the whole video from here on. It is such an exquisite sight to behold, watching Lera go to town on the cigarettes.  Towards the end of the video, she uses both her legs to crush the cigarettes with her super high heels. As the camera zooms in on her feet action, you can see how arched her feet are in the heels. Her toes create the cutest little wrinkles from the pressure she is exerting. The night red color with the back straps on her shoes is such a seductive sight to see. 

Model: Lera
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 16.01.2022
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