Sexy Feet Fruit Crushing, Black Toes And Perfect Legs

This video here is for all the feet fruit crushing video lovers out there. It’s not unusual to prefer a specific genre of foot fetish video. So here we are with a feet fruit crushing video to blow your mind away! It starts all decent at an office-like setting where Anna, the model, sits in a classy back dress. She’s sitting at a stable with her extended black hair covering most of her back and side profile facing the viewers. The little black dress is detailed with gold buttons and a small belt that sinches in her waist to make her figure more alluring. The sleeveless top shows the beautiful long arms and the sleek black watch on her wrist. As Anna moves her fingers and hands around, you can see that her fingernails are freshly painted in a black shade, and she catches herself smiling at the camera.

The camera then pans down to her feet, where you can finally see her beautiful sexy legs. She’s wearing a delicate gold chain around her ankle which feels almost sensual! Her super high heels are the show stoppers in this shot. She has black nail polish on her toes to match her fingernails.   When the camera is still pointing at the floor, you can notice a few fruits laid across the carpeted floor. There are a few apples and grapefruit in the shot. She takes her pointy high heels and positions the end of the heel onto the Apple. First, she lightly bruised the apple to puncture it and let the juices drip down the side of the apple. Anna then exerts more pressure on the apple and shoves her whole heel down the apple. This creaks the apple in half and all the juices excreted, and you are left with badly bruised apple pieces on the floor. She then moves on to the grapefruit. She wastes no time in piercing her heel through the skin of the grapefruit until the juices start to spill out from the fruit.

Model: Anna
Nail polish: Black
Release date: 19.01.2022
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