What Is A Foot Fetish? Let’s Find out!


What is foot fetish

If you found yourself browsing this website, then you probably know very well about what is a foot fetish. But why not to clarify this for those who can accidentally find this article on Google? In this post, we want to explain it to you!

Foot fetish is a sexual passion for feet. Toes, soles, and ankles arouse and turn you on!

Preferences may be wary from person to person. Some people like just looking at the feet, others may find toe rings, anklets, high heeled shoes appealing. Many feet lovers enjoy more interesting things, such as giving foot massages, sniffing, and licking someone’s feet. This is called feet worshiping. Please note that if you just like YOUR feet to be worshiped and massaged, then there is nothing to do with foot fetish. You don’t need to be a feet lover to experience pleasure from those kinds of things!

How Common is the foot fetish?

Well, we can say for sure that according to the studies, feet are the most sexualized part of the human body, which is NOT connected to the human reproductive system (genitals, breasts). First of all, we have to notice that 99.99% of foot fetishists are men. The reason here is that women almost don’t have any kind of fetishes; they do not feel any sexual attraction to the separate parts of someone’s body. Fetish is almost entirely a mans’ thing. Some women may object this claim by saying that they like to be worshiped, tied-up, spanked, etc., but this is not really a fetish. This is a type of sexual activity, not a fetish. According to Wikipedia, fetishism is is a sexual fixation on a nonliving object or nongenital body part. In other words, it is when specifics items or objects turn you on. Have you heard about women who are dreaming about having sex with men’s beards (without men himself), big biceps, or someone’s foot? No! Because women DO NOT have fetishes.

So how many men do have a foot fetish? Unfortunately, more research is needed, but we can roughly say that 15% of all men have a form of foot fetish, which is a lot! It makes a foot fetish the most common fetish related to the human body. So if you have, it then doesn’t be shy about it! Almost every fifth man has it! They just don’t want to admit it.

Is it normal to have a passion for feet?

Psychologists don’t like the word “normal.” What is the definition of normality? There are plenty! People from different age groups, cultures, and religions may have opposite views on the same topic. Bet let’s take the humanistic approach as a way to measure what is right and what is wrong. Does foot fetish cause suffer to anyone? Of course not! Does it harm anyone? No! (we don’t talk about the sick jerks who like to watch how someone is crushing live animals with their feet). Foot fetish is not even dangerous because STDs are not being transmitted through the interaction with someone’s feet and toes. If this thing does not harm anyone and brings lots of pleasure and enjoyment to its practitioners, then we can be sure that it is entirely normal and even good!

It’s also worth mentioning that modern-day medicine does not consider foot fetish as something unhealthy, even though in the past, the opinion was different. So if you found yourself among the giant army of feet, lovers, then don’t be shy! There is a massive community of people like you! Hundreds of people enjoy sexy feet and toes!

what is foot fetish

Why does it happen?

The article with the name “what is a foot fetish” won’t be full without an explanation of reasons behind this passion. We want to disappoint you straight away! Science does not know why it is happening. There are plenty of different hypotheses and assumptions but no hard evidence in the favor either of them. The most plausible explanation is the imprinting at an early age. The brain of a small child somehow fixates on the feet and rewards a person with this passion, which usually companions him for the rest of his life.

With the current level of technological development, it is impossible to find out the exact reason for the origins of foot fetish because the subject of that kind of research has to be observed 24/7 from birth, and all the events in his life have to be recorded and analyzed. Even the smallest things may cause the brain to have this fixation. Much more research is needed to answer this question.

How to embrace the foot fetish?

There are plenty of ways hot one can fulfill his dreams and fantasies. There are a couple of sexual practices that we will cover in our next posts. Not all the feet lovers have partners who appreciate and accept this thing. This is very sad. None of the members of our team can understand why some individuals have such a negative attitude toward it.

If you don’t have a partner with whom you can practice this, then watching sexy feet videos will be a great thing to do! There is a whole foot fetish industry which is developing really fast! You won’t be left without the beauty of female feet.¬†