Toe-Tapping In High Heels 4k Video

Toe-tapping is not for everybody. But there are plenty of female feet lovers who like to watch the girls doing this. We have received a few requests from our members and subscribers and decided to film this video specially for them, so for us, it is an experiment. We would like to know how other members will react to that kind of video. Remember that you can always share your feedback with us using the email in our Contacts section.

What is the correct name for this action? Toe-tapping or foot-tapping? We don’t know, but we hope that somebody will explain this detail for us. In this video, our pretty and beautiful model Marisa will be doing this for 4 minutes, she wears pretty black high heeled sandals, and she has fresh french pedicure on her toe-nails. She has very skinny jeans on her legs and a beautiful white blouse. She is doing rhythmic hits with her toes and smiles at the camera.

Camera films her from different sides and angles. Our main goal is always the same: to give you the best possible experience and video quality. This video is made on a professional 4k camera with the use of natural light, so you will always be able to see all the details of this girl’s amazing feet. Marisa has a huge foot size, but many feet lovers enjoy this, though I prefer girls with small and tiny feet. Also, she has visible veins on her foot; some guys really like it too. At, we intend to have a different type of models and girls, but they all have to have beautiful shapes and great bodies. We do videos both with barefoot girls and with high heels. We believe that high heels enhance the beauty of female feet.

Model: Marisa
Nail polish: French
Release date: 13.03.2020
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