Tattooed girl teases you with her sexy toes, feet and soles

Who doesn’t love a girl with beautiful leg tattoos? If you’re one of these people, you cannot miss out on this video of a Tattooed girl’s feet. You don’t need much convincing to watch this video of Tory showing off her artwork on her skin. She has long, curly, and luscious violet hair with eye makeup that matches her hair and lips. She’s sitting with one leg propped up on the bed while the other hand is on the edge of her bed, showing a little bit of her sole on camera. Even from this distance, you can see the number of tattoos Tory has on her body, mainly because of her tank top that shows off her shoulder; you can see even more of her tattoos.

She starts the video off with a slow caress of her legs and feet and suddenly into aggressive rubbing and wriggling of her toes with each other. The shot is taken from below her bed, so you can see all the wrinkles that form on the soles of her feet with each movement. You’ll also notice that she has painted her toenails in a bright red colored shade when she wriggles and bends her toes back and forth. You can see her dazzling smile and face perking through her feet at certain moments in the video. Even though the video’s sole focus is on her feet, you can’t help but feel captivated by her stunning looks.

In another shot, Tory is lying on the bed with both her feet off the bed, showing the backs of her thighs with big intricate tattoos on them. She uses her long tattooed arms to reach out and slowly touch her feet and trace her legs to the top. This video of a tattooed girl’s feet is all you need to scratch that itch. Make sure you watch it if you’re into new experiences. 


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