Girl With Sweet Sexy Feet In High Heels, 4k Fetish Video

If you’re not into very hardcore foot fetish videos and are looking for a very subtle yet sweet sexy feet video, this is the one for you. A drop-dead gorgeous woman with sweet sexy feet is such an enticing image that we’re sure people will be curious to see what happens in this video. The model Simone is a tall and beautiful brunette. As the video starts, she is sitting elegantly on a couch with her hands resting on the arms of the couch. The backdrop is a modular kitchen with minimalistic designs and wooden panels. The couch she’s sitting on is also of a similar shade, with the bottom part resting on the floor. 

Simone is wearing a geometric print short dress that sinches at the waist to give her a very defined look.  Sometimes you can see her pretty wrinkled soles! The short dress shows off her fair long legs, which are even sexier up close when the camera zooms in. the color of her dress is a warm beige which makes her slender frame even more alluring. She is wearing high heels in black with a single strap that shows off even more legs and feet. You can easily see some veins and all the nooks and crannies of her feet in this stunning pair of shoes. Her red toenail paint beautifully contrasts her sweet sexy feet. As the camera pans down to her feet, she starts arching her feet back and forth with the shoes on, creating small wrinkles around her soles. She then crosses her legs so that one foot rests on top of the other and slowly rubs them. You can see her feet create a beautiful arch because of the height of the heels she is wearing. The last shot shows her gorgeous feet standing in front of a table and lightly tapping her feet on the floor.  

Model: Simone
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 08.01.2022
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