Super Sexy Feet Video Show In HD Quality

How do we choose models for our website? The main requirement is that they all have to have super sexy feet. We select them very carefully, asking for the photos of their toes, arch, and soles. Only then we make a final decision about whether we want to invite her to our photo and video-shooting or not. Very often, we reject the applications from even the most good looking girls only because their feet do not match our expectations. Most of the professional models have never heard about websites like ours, and they don’t know that they have to take care of their feet and groom them very well.

Very rarely, models have to present their feet for the closeups. Usually, it happens only when they participate in the commercial shootings for the nail polish advertisement or something like that. These are the rare cases when photographers and videographers ask the models to have a beautiful and pretty pedicure. But sexy legs and feet are the most important things for the models who want to be featured on our website. The skin should be smooth, even, and do not have any visible flaws because we produce our content with professional 4k cameras that are capable of noticing even the smallest imperfections. To prevent this from happening, we always ask our feet girls to be very careful and visit only the best cosmetologists and nail technicians.

We do not recommend our girls to do their nails by themselves because it is almost impossible to do it on the same level as a professional. Yes, it is always an additional expense, but if the girl wants to have super sexy feet, then she has to follow all those easy and simple rules and procedures. We hope that at some day more and more women will start to understand it.


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