Stunning beauty with wrinkled soles sits on the carpet

Today we would like to introduce you to our new model, her name is Bella! She is a petite girl, she is 19 years old. When we saw her feet for the first time we were very surprised at how perfectly shaped they are. She has a very high arch, flat toes, soft soles. Bella is a brunette, about 5″2. She has large breasts, a narrow waist and wide hips. She is perfection itself, a very sweet and friendly girl.

The video you are watching now was the very first one we made with her. She’s sitting on the rug, leaning on the couch. This stunning beauty with wrinkled soles knows how to get the attention of men. She looks with a smile right into the camera, as if beckoning you to come closer to her and look at her beautiful feet with a bright, fresh pink pedicure. The pink nails on her feet look just gorgeous, they make any foot fetishist salivate. This video is shot in 4k format, the lighting is very good, you can see every detail of her gorgeous soles and toes. Throughout the video she sits barefoot, crossing her feet in different ways. The duration of this video is almost 10 minutes. Throughout this time, you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous grace and elegance of Bella, who will now become our permanent foot fetish model. If you want to order a customized video with her – feel free to contact us by writing to this email – . We will be able to realize your dreams and make the video you want.

In this video you can also see how she squeezes her soles, making them wrinkly and very beautiful. Thus stunning girl is one of the most beautiful models in the world and we are very happy that we have her on our foot fetish website now!

Model: Bella
Nail polish: Pink
Release date: 14.10.2023
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