Sexy Girl Shows Her Stinky Feet. Full HD Video.

Some people like clean feet and some people prefer them to be dirty. This is our first stinky feet video. Tory came to our photoshoot and wanted to wash her feet and soles first because before the shooting, she was in the gym, and she didn’t have time to take a shower. She told me that she is afraid that her feet are stinky and smelly, and that’s why she would like to take a shower because she believes that it is awful and this smell may be disgusting for everybody. We politely asked her not to do it because of some of the members of our website like dirty and stinky female feet. She agreed, and we started to film this 4k video with good quality.

After this scene, we made a couple more scenes with her without washing their feet just for our members to be happy and satisfied. We are not lying to you! Tory was very surprised when she learned that there are guys all around who enjoy that kind of stuff. We used to that kind of reaction. Most of the young girls haven’t heard about the existence of foot fetish and for them, it is something very new. We are happy that our feet models always discover something new!

In this video, Tory will be showing her sexy wrinkled soles while keeping them on the kitchen table. She has nice pink hair and lots of tattoos. I am not a big fan of tattoos, but I know that many guys love and appreciate it. I think that this amazing 4k stinky feet video is fantastic and beautiful! We hope that our members who like that kind of stuff will be happy and they will send us some feedback. We value and appreciate your advice and new ideas very much! Don’t hesitate and write to us!


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