Sexy Toes And Wrinkled Soles Demonstration

What can be better than soft, silky and soft female soles? Perhaps nothing!

If you share this way of thinking then you will definitely enjoy this beautiful video. In this clip, our amazing model Lina will be having rest on the bed and browsing the internet. Meanwhile, the camera will constantly look at her beautiful feet and toes, showing all the details of this masterpiece to you. In this video, Lina is having nice red toenails and a nice golden anklet. Some attention will be also given to Lina’s toes. She will wiggle them a little and point towards the camera, which will make her soles wrinkly and alluring. Lina is a very beautiful girl, she has a perfect body and very nice tanned skin. I am pretty sure that will continue to work with this amazing model since many of our customers left very positive feedback about her.

Also, I wanted to add, that it was very easy and pleasant to work with this woman. She is a professional model and knows how to behave and make the photographer’s life a bit easier. She hasn’t heard about that kind of fetish before, but she was very excited and completely open-minded about it. It is very cool when the girl does not have any kind of prejudice against this! She reported that she wants to try nylon stuff as well, which we will absolutely do in the nearest future!

Model: Lina
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 19.02.2020


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