Teen Girl Shows Her Sexy Wrinkled Feet. 4k Video

Do you like sexy wrinkled feet and pointed toes? This video is for you! Our feet model Jinny does nice barefoot posing while sitting on the chair and stretching her legs. She has nice red toenails. Her soles are pink and smooth; wrinkled soles are very visible when she squeezes them. She wears a black sweater and a very short black skirt. She is barefoot and has a pretty red toenails. She made this fresh pedicure right before our video shooting. Jinny always prepares herself for the sessions and shoots in a very serious way. She always checks each toe and her soles for them to big soft, pink, and clean.

Time to time, she changes her nail technician in order to find someone who is better and then to share information about this person with other feet models from our website. She always tells nail technicians to be extra careful because she does her pedicure for the professional model job. These women are still very surprised by this because no one before was making the pedicure for the photo or video shoots. In this hot teen girl’s feet video, Jinny demonstrates her soft soles and pointed toes. She perfectly does her job, and we believe that she has to open her modeling schools! We are constantly looking for new models, so out would be a win-win situation for both us and Jinny.

In total, we had three video shoots with Jinny, but we will do more in the future. We have plans to make a few public videos where she will be showing her sexy wrinkled feet while sitting in a public place like the park of a mall. Isn’t it cool to allow strangers to watch her toes and soles resting on the bench in the park? Now we are waiting for the summer to make it happen!

Model: Jinny
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 14.12.2019
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