Sexy Walkig In High Heels, Showing Feet And Toes

This video starts off with a feet model sitting and caressing her thighs and legs. She has beautiful blond hair and has a classic black dress on wearing incredibly tall black platform heels. If you look closely, you will see that the model has an anklet, and it looks stunning on her.

When the video zooms into her feet, you can see her toes clearly. She has baby pink nail polish on them and looks like a fresh pedicure. Do you prefer girls with clean and smooth feet? Because the model in this video has an amazing pair of legs, and you can watch her beautiful feet all day! Girls sexy walking in high heels is a huge turn-on for many men. And here, the girl stands up on her long seven-inch heels to walk to the treadmill after sitting for quite some time. Wearing heels as high as hers is a feat for many girls out there. But this girl is taking it to the next level by walking on a treadmill while wearing high heeled shoes!

It is quite a view watching a girl owning one of the sexiest pairs of legs walk in front of you. It takes great balance and care to be able to wear such shoes, let alone walk in them! And since you are here watching this video, you’re lucky to witness it! This model has great-looking feet, and you are in for a good treat here! After the little workout session, the model walks back to where she was sitting, takes off the heels, and starts massaging her feet. Her lovely toe rings are visible once she takes off the shoes. She stretches her feet, making herself feel relaxed from all the sexy walking in high heels, and continues to show you her barefoot.

Model: Lana
Nail polish: Pink
Release date: 05.06.2020
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