Sexy Soft Feet Posing, Girl Shows Smelly Soles. 4k Video

Have you ever wondered about foot fetish videos that show sexy soft feet posing? We have a treat waiting for you in this video if you haven’t. If you have, we are sure that Nona, the model in this video, will take your experience to another level. You may feel like this is just an ordinary video of a girl in a t-shirt and jeans from the get-go, but you are far from right. Nona is seen resting both her feet, crossed on top of the table and her arms resting on either side of her chair. Her long brunette hair falls behind her, with soft highlights complementing her skin and makeup. You’re then taken into the full view of her feet on the table, still crossed over one another and showing off cute wrinkles on both feet. As she wriggles her toes, you can see a fresh paint of while on her toenails which brings her whole look together.

Then the camera moves to the front, where both soles are displayed on the screen. You can hardly see Nona’s face but are assured that she’s sitting on her chair, sexy as ever, and showing her skilled feet poses to the audience.

Mid video, her feet leave the table and land on a wooden chair, which is a much better view for those who want to see the front of her feet as well. From this angle, you can see the soles of one of her feet creating a lot of wrinkles while the other foot rests on top, displaying the front of her beautiful feet. She spends some time swaying her feet back and forth until the audience shows another close-up of both her soles. This is the shot that takes the cake! You can see every nook, crevice, and wrinkle on her sexy feet. This view is sure to drive you off the edge. So look no further for a video with sexy soft feet posing. Just watch our model Nona do what she does best and enjoy the video to your extent.

Model: Nona
Nail polish: French
Release date: 19.01.2021
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