Sexy Outdoor Foot Fetish Video, Pretty Toes And Soles

If you think you’ve seen it all, think again. Have all the foot fetish videos you’ve seen been inside aesthetically pleasing rooms and homes? If you’re looking for a change, we have this outdoor foot fetish video made just for this purpose. Natalie sits on a bench with ethereal green woods behind her that never seem to end. This jaw-dropping backdrop with an equally stunning model is everything you could have asked for. Natalie looks refreshed and calm with a comfortable two-tone knit sweater, skinny blue jeans, and no shoes. This foot fetish video was made in perfect quality!

Her hair is brushed back to reveal her beautiful face and even more stunning facial features. The makeup is minimal, accentuating her natural beauty. With one of her hands resting on her face, the shot is picture perfect.  You can even hear the soft chirping of the birds as the video starts. Then you’re shown Natalie’s sexy and beautiful feet from all angles. The golden sunlight highlights the best parts f her feet, and she even wiggles her toes around, giving them more definition as the light reflects on the screen.

She touches the ankles of her feet with her hands, caressing every nook and corner slowly. The camera focuses on her feet, which are resting on the edge of the bench. Her toenails have fresh white French pedicures that tie her whole naturally beautiful look together. From the top view, You can see all the veins and lines forming at the front of her feet as she sways them back and forth, even wiggling her toes to get these defined lines. She has propped one foot on top of the other from the side shot while bending her feet up and down, which forms all these beautiful lines and wrinkles on her soles. Get a fresh perspective on foot fetish videos with our gorgeous model Natalie as she shows off her sexy feet in this outdoor foot fetish video. 

Model: Natalie
Nail polish: French
Release date: 18.08.2020
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