Sexy Oiled Female Soles And Toes, 4k Foot Fetish Video

All the shines is not gold, but you have hit the jackpot when it comes to Sexy oiled female soles and toes! This video right here is all about sexy oiled female soles and toes! It is guaranteed that Natalie will have you in a daze for days after watching the things she does for the video.  Natalie is sitting with her back towards the camera, but her neck is turned so that she always has her front gaze towards the camera lens. She has a bright yellow top with a denim-like bikini bottom, which gives off a very summery vibe. She’s sitting like a mermaid on a brown leather couch with her long blonde tresses falling over her shoulders in the front. Not only is she glowing with sexiness, but the couch is also shimmering in the light of the room. The arch of her feet is very high! The setup is minimalist, but with Natalie at the center of the shot, what else do you need? Her makeup is stunningly done, not too over the top but elegant and classy.

You can see her firm, thick thighs laying on the leather couch seductively., with the soles of her feet facing the camera. She begins to slowly pick up a bottle of oil and starts to pour it over her feet. This is where the camera zooms in on her feet, and she starts massaging the oil onto her feet. She uses her long slender fingers to slather the oil on her feet, making them glisten in the light. In the next shot, Natalie sits at the cough with her feet on a chair, wiggling her toes as she stares at them with concentration. Her Sexy oiled female soles and toes are now shiny and almost reflective whenever the light falls on them. 

Model: Natalie
Nail polish: Pink
Release date: 13.11.2021


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