Sexy Mature Woman Shows Her Wrinkled Soles

The older you get, the more experiences you gain. This is precisely what we see in this video on sexy mature wrinkled soles. Although older, there’s no less sexiness and hotness in this video. If anything, the model looks even more stunning because of her sexy mature wrinkled soles. Loretta is all prepped up in bright red nail paint on her toes and sitting on the floor when the video starts rolling. She’s sitting on an antique Arabic carpet while leaning back on a cushioned velvet couch in a pinkish shade. She has both her elbows resting on the cushions of the couch and her feet facing the camera. You get the perfect shot of her just sitting and showing you the full extent of her feet from this angle. Loretta is wearing a bright orange pair of sweat pants that are high waist so you can see her drawstring up to her belly button. She has paired this with a Lacy camisole that looks super sexy on her, and it also shows off just enough cleavage to leave you wanting more. Sexy female soles are something that we all love and desire!

Her thick curly blond hair is big and voluminous, and it falls over her shoulders and past her arms gently. She starts to gently run her feet with each other while locking her gaze on her action. With every breath she takes, you can notice how her chest rises and falls beautifully. Even though the video is already in a great angle to shoot Loretta’s actions, we find it zooming in more on the feet, so you have a closer look. Now she starts to curl her toes and arch her feet continuously and quickly, so you see a lot of wrinkles around her soles.

The angles keep changing in flashes to show you the best view of her sexy, matured, wrinkled soles. From the side, you can even see Loretta staring right at the camera while wiggling her feet back and forth.

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