Sexy Mature Woman Is Crushing Cigarettes With Her Feet, 4k Video

In this video, you will see a sexy mature woman with long beautiful legs stomping on cigarettes while standing in high heels. On her toes is a glittery red polish that highlights her femininity, character, and beauty. She is dressed in short shorts and a tank top. At first, she walks around the cigarettes very slowly and gracefully, playing with each cigarette in turn. Then she begins to slowly crush them with her gorgeous feet.

We all love mature models because they are more experienced and know how to take care of themselves better. Our models always get a fresh pedicure before the shoot, and their feet are always very groomed and elegant.  Emma loves to take part in foot fetish shoots because she really likes to show off her gorgeous legs and feet. She loves it when men look at her delightful body and compliment her. Emma said she often walks around in heels in a short skirt just to tease the men around her, so she was very happy when we invited her to this foot fetish shoot. She said she was turned on by the thought of having thousands of men looking at and admiring her feet in high heels.

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Model: Emma
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 18.01.2023


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