Sexy Legs And Feet With Red Toes, Dangling And Shoe Play

This is the second video of Jessica, where she shows her sexy legs and feet with beautiful red toes. In this issue, our amazing feet model sits on the couch while stretching her legs forward and keeping them on the small stool. Initially, she wears red high heeled mules without a back strap, dangles, and does a little bit of shoe play. She changes the position of her legs and feet, bends them, and show her toes from different sides and angles. Camera films her all around, zoom in and allows you to see all the detail of her pretty feet.

Note that Jessica, in this video, has pretty rough soles. At we are not big fans of this, to be honest, but many of our members (current and prospective) were asking us to have some girls whos feet and soles will not be soft and pink, but rough and dry instead. So we decided to ask one of our models not to do a full pedicure and not to polish the skin on her soles! We believe that Jessica did a great job with this, and also we hope not to disappoint those of you who like perfect and well-groomed feet.

After playing with her shoe, Jessica takes them off and starts to demonstrate her bare feet, wiggling her toes and do some pointing. She strokes her leg, stretches the, and changes the positions to show them in all the possible ways. Her sexy legs and feet are something that attracts attention; they represent beauty and feminity. True feet lovers will enjoy this form of art. We like that her arch is high and visible. It is especially apparent when we look on her feet from the side. At we prefer girls with small feet, but it is just a matter of taste!

Model: Jessica
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 03.03.2020
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