Sexy Girl With Big Feet, Black Toes And Nice Soles

Bigger is always better, like the saying “go big or go home!”This super sexy girl with big feet is the epitome of perfection! Watch this video to see what she does with her feet; you won’t believe it until you see it!  The video starts from a side angle where you can see Eve, the model, lying face down on the couch and working on her laptop. She is a sure sight for sore eyes! Eve is wearing a cute checkers crop top paired with a sexy leather skirt. She knows how to do a nice foot fetish tease. Her feet are dangling in the air as she lies on her stomach on the couch. The grey couch is a perfect addition to her elegant outfit. Her slender body is perfect for the couch because she fits in snuggly even with tons of pillows and cushions on it.

She’s wearing black nail polish to finish off the look, along with her long jet-black hair. Her beautiful eyes are complemented with fierce eye makeup and smoky eyeshadow. The Red hot lipstick on her almost monochrome outfit is what pops out the most in the video. She looks up at the camera lens and plays with her hair while the camera further moves towards her feet.

Eve is the personification of a sexy girl with big feet, as you can see her legs moving around in the air and forming small wrinkles where she arches her feet. The camera perfectly captures the soles of her feet that are touching each other as she crosses her legs while up in the air. Slowly you get to see an up-close image of her feet and the sexiness of it all. Even her toenails have painted a shade of black to go with her fingernails. The contrast between her fair skin and the dark nail paint makes her feet stand out even more in the video.

Model: Eve
Nail polish: Black
Release date: 22.01.2022
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