Sexy Girl Poses In Fully Fashioned Nylon Stockings

Lingerie and stockings are just a bomb pairing. In this video, you get both of these incredibly sexy articles of clothing on an even sexier model! Natalie is the girl in fully fashioned nylon stockings, and she’s here to rock your world.  It starts slow in a shot with Natalie barely sitting at the edge of her couch. She has a black crop tank top and a pair of the sexiest black lingerie bottoms. The couch is made of a soft material sitting on top of polished hardwood floors, so Natalie looks ethereal in this setup. Don’t like fully fashioned old school stockings? Then you can check out our girl in black nylon pantyhose video instead! 

She also has a tan pair of nylon stockings with slip-on black heels that shoes all her toes on camera. Her shoes are bedazzled with stones on the strap that match her toes’ blue-colored nail paint.  She slips off one side of her shoe and starts to run her leg with it as she closes her eyes, fully immersed in her action. She moves her hands down her stockings; from the side view, you can see that she’s wearing garters to hold her stockings up. Her beautifully manicured nails run down her stockings caresses her thighs softly. 

The next shot is of Natalie sitting front and center on the couch, running her hands down her blond hair and her legs crossed one on top of the other. She’s staring right into the lens, and you can feel her seductive energy through the screen. With one arm on her head and the other softly falling on her hips, she sits back and lets you enjoy the view. She then takes off her shoes and hers up on the couch with her tummy resting on the cushions. She turns her head to face the camera, but her feet are in the air swinging back and forth and simultaneously arching her feet.

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