Sexy Female Soles Video In 4k Quality

Not all the feet lovers appreciate and enjoy big and sexy female soles. I love when the girl has a pair of small and tiny feet with a high arch and even and straight toes, but this is just personal opinion. At Feetwonder, we intend to satisfy all the possible fantasies, desires, and preferences. That’s why we have feet models like Marisa, who has huge feet size. Her size is 40 EU, which is big. Despite this fact, her toes are very even, and their shape is excellent and almost flawless. The nails on her toes also are beautiful, and she knows how to take care of them.

In this video, she has french toe tips, her soles are very clean, and she is excited to demonstrate them to you. This scene is really plain and simple; Marisa just rests on the bed with the laptop on her knees and browsing the interning. In the meantime, the camera is expecting her sexy female soles from all the sides and angles. It stops to focus on all the wrinkles of her feet and allows the viewer to have enough time to observe her feet.

She wiggles her toes, crosses her feet and move them all around the bed toward the camera and then back. She wears skinny jeans that are highlighting the fantastic shape of her long and beautiful legs and feet. Marisa is a very open-minded person, and she was very happy to be invited to our video-shooting because it was a very nice opportunity for her to get some new experience. Now she can add a foot shooting to her model’s portfolio, which may benefit her career. Who knows, maybe in the nearest future men will stop being shy to admit that they love female feet and there will be more websites like Feetwonder.

Model: Marisa
Nail polish: French
Release date: 15.11.2019
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