Sexy Female Soles With Red Toes And High Arches

Red is the color that symbolizes sexiness and hotness perfectly. Here, we have for you a video on sexy female soles and arches with red painted toes. How exciting does that sound?  We all love beautiful female feet videos!  is dressed in simple blue high-rise jeans and a black leather tank top. She has all her long brown hair tied in a high pony showing off her sexy collarbones. 

She is sitting on an Arabic carpet with her back leaning against a marble pattern wall. Her fair skin is an excellent contrast to her strong-colored attire. Her feet and soles face directly at the camera, and she starts to arch and move her feet slowly. This creates many wrinkles on her soles while she continuously closely watches her action. She then crosses her legs, so one leg is resting on top of the other and rubs her toes with each other.  She takes one of her legs and touches all her toes, and intertwines them so you can catch a sneak peek of her brightly colored toenails. She rides her feet up to her ankles and arches down so that you can see both her feet with her red toes all on camera.

Lynda is a pro at what she does because she knows how to keep her audience entertained. She has a beautiful smile on her face as she turns her whole body around to lay flat on the carpet showing her upside-down soles to the camera. Here you have the perfect view of her curvy figure and her sexy soles on full display.  She proceeds to lie on her side with the camera zooming in on her soles, so you get an even better view of both her feet sitting one on top of the other. She then rubs her toes on the heel of her other leg and lightly touches all the wrinkles on her feet. Watch this to get a whole experience is sexy female soles and arches with red toes.

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