Sexy Feet Model With Amazing Legs And Soles

If you’re a fan of feet and feet videos, surely you want a professional sexy feet model with amazing legs and soles. This video, in high definition, is all you need to scratch that itch. Natalie is a pro at what she does. She knows how to work her angles and tease the viewers with her sexiness. No wonder she’s one of the best sexy feel models with amazing legs and soles. This video shows Natalie in a cropped hot pink full sleeve top that complements her warm tan skin. Her blond hair is the perfect addition to this plain brick wall background that she is sitting in front of. She’s sitting sideways cozily in a chair with her bare feet hanging off of the chair’s arm. Her feet are pointing to the ground, creating this huge arch and lots of wrinkles and lines on the sides of her soles. Natalie’s highly arched feet are just perfect!

Natalie is wearing nothing but a cute wire bikini bottom with girls. You can catch tiny glimpses of it when she lifts both her feet in the air to show the camera her soles. While holding one of her heels by the knee, Natalie stretches her other leg towards the camera to reveal the freshly painted nails in white color.  She then slowly reaches out to her feel and lightly holds it as if she’s giving herself a food massage. All through the process, she never loses her gaze on her feet. She takes back her outstretched feet and tucks in her knees to hold both her legs and hug them closely. You can see her sweet smile as she charmingly stares at her feet with her soles facing the camera. You can see a lot more of her bikini bottom from this view, and it sure is a sight to behold. You won’t want to stop the video from rolling once you watch it.

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