Sexy Feet In Louboutin Pumps, Pretty Soles, 4k Video

If shoes are a girl’s best friend, Louboutin shoes are her soul mates! Good shoes indeed take you to good places because right here we have Katy in the famed red bottom shoes leaving a jaw-dropping performance in 4K! is there anything better?

Katy’s sexy feet in Louboutin pumps look unreal! At the beginning of the video, you can see her standing there with a curvy body, luscious blonde hair, and long legs- wearing a pair of hot black pumps. She’s dressed in a simple white crop top with distressed denim shorts, but her sexy feet in Louboutin pumps elevate this look much more. The winged eyeliner with the smoky eye shadow perfectly matches her tan skin. The contrasting backdrop of the magenta couch looks royalty in every aspect. The camera wastes no time taking the viewers straight down to show us her sexy feet in black Louboutin pumps. They are highly arched because of shoes, but that adds even more sexiness to her image. The worn-out hardwood floors with the antique-looking couch at the back give a very ethereal vibe to the whole video.

She then sits down on the floor with her back leaning on the couch and gets ready to take off her shoes, revealing freshly painted white toenails. She crosses her legs and props one foot on top of the other, creating smooth wrinkle lines on her soles. Her pretty wrinkled soles are soft and white! As she’s smiling in the background, the camera focuses only on her feet that are now facing the camera front and center.  She softly caresses her legs and sits back up on the couch while still keeping her feet rested on the floor. You can see her wiggling her toes and arching her feet back and forth as the video comes to an end. 

Model: Katy
Nail polish: Pink
Release date: 18.12.2021
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