Sexy Feet In High Heels. Pretty Girl Shows Her Legs

We really love sexy feet in high heels! That’s why we do anything to find the best looking models for our website to make the best possible video content with them. This video was made on our second video shoot with Natalie. We fell in love with her beautiful legs and feet, and that’s we invited her to participate in another session. We are pretty sure that we will continue working with this model in the future, too, unless we make videos with all possible toenail colors. This girl’s feet are beautiful, tiny, and fabulous! She has a high arch, even toes and right form in general. This is a very rare phenomenon!

In this video, Natalie is just sitting on the floor nearby the wall and showing the full length of her beautiful long legs. She wears pretty denim shorts and black high heeled sandals with only two straps. Nothing extra here! She crosses her legs, changes their position, and moves her toes. Camera regularly zooms in and zooms out to give you the right angle to observe her amazing sexy feet in high heels! The size of her feet is really small, that’s why the high of the heels on these shoes look really big!

She has black toenails and fresh pedicures. This is very important if you work as a foot model. We always ask all our girl to do a fresh pedicure before the video shoot. This is the same for the young girls and for the girls with pretty mature feet and soles too. We know very well that even the prettiest girl may have a bad pedicure, which will ruin all the looks. This is a crime against feet art, and we will never let it happen! This video is made with the use of natural light. You will be able to see all the details.


Model: Natalie
Nail polish: Black
Release date: 18.04.2020
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