Sexy Feet Dipping Video

In this video, our model Natalie will do some sexy feet dipping while wearing beautiful (and expensive) Laubutin high heeled shoes. She is standing nearby the wall and putting her foot inside the shoes and then takes it out again. She shows her soles and toes very close to the camera, allowing it to see all the details of her beautiful and sexy feet. She spins around and then puts on another pair of shoes, which is red. She shows her toes while standing upfront to the camera and points her toes. In this video, she has pretty red nail polish.

We really like the shoes of that kind. There is nothing more alluring than observing the girl’s feet in these shoes. It is nice when we can’t see the feet, but only to imagine what is hidden in these shoes. Sometimes only the arch is visible from that kind of shoes, and it turns on the fantasy and fosters different kinds of erotic thoughts. Natalie is the first model who has these shoes, and that’s why we asked her to bring them to this shooting. Her perfect soles, feet, and toes look amazing in these shoes. She knows how to use her feet to seduce!
In this video, she wears short shorts and a yellow top. She made a beautiful and fresh pedicure right before the shooting. Don’t forget to turn on the sound, and you will hear how her foot is entering the tight shoe. It is very sexy! This is the second feet dipping video on our website, and we have noticed that our members like them very much. We will continue to make them in the future too. Expensive shoes are the best addition to the fantastic and sexy feet of the beautiful model! We hope that you enjoy this video!
Model: Natalie
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 09.05.2020


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