Sexy Feet And Toes Are Crushing Bananas. 4k Video

Isn’t it pleasing to watch the power and ease with which feet can crush objects? It highlights the toes’ mastery, mobility, and skill and is just so hypnotizing to watch. Here is a beautiful icy blond and brunette girl with sexy feet crushing a couple of freshly peeled bananas.  Dressed in a short and sexy black dress, this smoky-eyed bombshell is ready to give the bananas a nice crushing as she sits on her couch. She’s wearing a stunning little gold anklet with a tiny heart on her left ankle. It cannot be denied she knows how to pull off a look. She begins warming up the bananas by giving them a soft rub back and forth. They’re spread on a nice and clean mat on the floor and all set to work on them.

Her stunningly tattooed body and low-cut mini dress make it impossible for anyone to take their eyes off her. Watch her arch her lovely feet and slowly begin crushing the bananas one by one. Subtle sounds of the bananas sticking against her feet are audible as she puts some pressure on the sweet-smelling fruit.  She keeps spreading her long, smooth, and toned limbs to gather all the banana pulp on the floor mat. It can be seen that she doesn’t want a single bit of banana to be left uncrushed. Watch her do a great job as she uses her arms to give her body some extra support to help increase the pressure on her feet. Towards the end, she puts up the soles of her feet right in front of the camera to show just how well she’s obliterated the bananas with her flexible toes and feet. It’s such a flattering angle and gives the best view of every delectable thing that’s unraveling. This video was made in 4k, so the quality is amazing! Join our website if you love foot fetish videos!

Model: FeetMask
Nail polish: Pink
Release date: 19.06.2020


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