Sexy Blond Girl In The Pose Shows Her Feet And Soles. 4k Video

If your ideal someone is blondes, we got you covered. This video of a Blond girl in the pose is everything you have ever hoped for in a foot fetish video, and we assure you, you will not be disappointed. The blonde model in the video, Katy, sits casually on her bed in sexy lingerie and works on her laptop. The bed looks fresh with fresh grey sheets and pillows in a darker shade. The black and lacy linger she is wearing accentuates the best parts and gives her the most stunning look you have ever seen.

Her sharp facial features complement her short blond hair that cuts off right at her shoulders. This provides a nice contrast t her lightly tan skin on a slender, curvy body. She looks straight at you while giving you the most picture-perfect smile and holds her hands to her chin, showing her bright orange manicure. Her makeup is minimal, with a solid winged liner look that gives her face a “snatched” look.

The cameraman does a great job at showing all angles of her body in the sexy lingerie, moving the camera over and under each part of her body so you get a clear view each time. All the while, Katy has her feet in the air, showing off her beautiful soles, which are wrinkling up due t her moving her feet back and forth and swaying her legs in the air throughout the video. You can enjoy the curvaceous humps and bumps of her butt and thighs in her one-piece lingerie from the side angle. With her feet crossed and in the air, there are tons of wrinkles on her soles as she rubs her feet with one another. Watch this Blond girl in the pose, sitting on the bed with full lacy lingerie to satiate all your needs.

Model: Katy
Nail polish: Pink
Release date: 21.08.2020


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