Sexy Asian Girl Shows Her Feet And Soles

This is the right video for you if your forte is aesthetic backgrounds with beautiful models in front. You can’t help but notice the Asian inspected bedroom aesthetics in this video. Starting from the tall green interior plants to the low bed and grey walls and sheets, everything about this speaks Asian. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, there is a low-rise table at the corner of the room with a brass teapot that will change your mind.  Lea is a really sexy feet model! To suit the aesthetic of this room and the whole video, you’ll find the beautiful Lea, who is also a tall and slender Asian model with foxy eyes and long brown hair. She’s sitting on a rotating chair, and her body is faced to the side, but her gaze is straight at the camera. She uses one hand to brush her hair from her face and tucks it behind her ears. She does this so cinematically you’ll feel you’re in a movie. 

Lea looks hot in a bodycon red dress with matching red slingback heels and black nail paint. As the video progresses, she plops herself on the bed, resting on only her knees so that her backside is facing the screen, but the soles of her feet are still in the frame. The rest of her body is still hovering above the chair she was sitting on, but now we only see her feet and the leg of the chair. The camera captures as she plays around with her toes and feet, touching each other and rubbing them together. She even sticks her toe into the bars of the chair and moves it around. She crinkles and wrinkles her toes and soles while still supporting herself on her knees. You can never go wrong with an Asian model in an Asian-inspired room. So make sure to watch this!

Model: Lea
Nail polish: Black
Release date: 29.09.2021
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