Pretty Young Girl Walks In Heels And Shows Her Soles

Lovely young girl Lena is our new foot fetish model who is shooting for the first time in her life. She loves the idea that men will look at her feet, soles and toes and admire them. Lena told us that she had never heard of such a phenomenon as a foot fetish before and was very surprised by it. She also asked her friends about it and they also said they had never heard of it in their lives. This confirms the fact that the majority of women have very little interest in sexuality and human psychology.

In this video, Lena will walk in heels along a wall, showing her feet and soles from all sides. She has a brand new pedicure done a few hours before the shoot. The model is wearing a beautiful summer dress, her feet are wearing slippers with very high heels on which she walks masterfully. Her toes are painted bright pink, which makes them look like candy canes. The size of her feet is very small, which makes them very elegant and adorable. Her skin is smooth, white and well-groomed.

Throughout the video clip, Lena stands up on her tiptoes several times, showing her soles. It looks very sexy and sensual. The video is shot on a professional camera, the quality of this video is very high, so you can see all the details of her beautiful body.

Model: Lena
Nail polish: Pink
Release date: 11.02.2023


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