Sexy New Feet Model Shows Her Pretty Wrinkled Soles

There’s nothing better than watching beautiful feet videos on the screen, but we have upped our own game and made it better. Presenting to you pretty wrinkled soles in 4K resolution! Buckle up because you’re in for a wild ride!

When the video starts, Lera is sitting on a chair made with her feet propped up on the table. She is wearing a bright orange-colored top with a plunging neck showing her gorgeous cleavage. She has on denim shorts that pair well with her top. Her feet on the table face the camera, and she’s looking directly at it. This 4k foot fetish video is all about them! She has a charming smile on her face, with her long straight hair falling over her shoulders. The minimal makeup does her face justice because she is all about that natural beauty! Her toenails are painted in a rich red shade, and you can see her pretty wrinkles soles front and center. What more can you ask for? The deep wrinkles created by arching her feet back and forth are such a sight to see. All the while, she’s simultaneously wriggling her toes to display glimpses of the red nail paint to the camera.

She then moves her arms forward towards her thighs and legs and starts to caress them slowly as he continues to create the cute wrinkles on her soles. At this point, the camera is solely focusing on her feet, so you can see a blurred image of Lera smiling seductively towards the camera.  From the side angle, you can see that she is wearing a seashell anklet on her feet. The white band around her ankle accentuates her ankle bone beautifully. Lera then crosses her legs to sit one foot on top of the other. This allows you to see her legs further, creating a picture-perfect shot.

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