Pretty Girl Shows Her Long Beautiful Legs And Feet

If at all you’ve been looking for the perfect video that shows models with Beautiful legs and feet, you’ve come to the right place. This video shows our beautiful model Simone, working her best poses for the camera and showing you what you need to see. A tight black mini skirt with strappy high heels and a gorgeous model- how much more convincing could you need to watch this video? Simone knows precisely what you need, and she does it all while never breaking the connection with her audience. Her sharp features and deep eyes look straight at you as she’s sitting on the floor, moving her feet in different positions and moving her feet.

Behind her is a beautiful beige couch and matching wooden furniture, contradicting her complete black attires and dark makeup. Her lips are a deep mauve which ties her look together, along with a super short leather miniskirt that ends right at her butt. With this, you enjoy a full view of her long slender legs, which are fair and smooth. She’s lying on the hardwood floors with her hands supporting the weight of her body, and one leg bent to show off her sexy calves and arched feet. When the camera zooms in, you’ll notice she has on bright red toenail paint, which is eye-catching. Her toes wiggle softly as she keeps her feet balanced on the side of her high heels. You can see cute little wrinkles forming at the back of her ankles as the heels create a high arch for her feet.

In the next shot, you’ll see both her feet on the ground while she’s still on the floor, showing you even higher up the inside of her thighs and her feet arch, which is so sexy to watch. If you’re ever craving a video filled with shots of Beautiful legs and feet, watch Simone fulfill all your wishes and exceed your expectations in the right way.

Model: Simone
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 13.08.2020


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