Pretty feet girl Lily lies in the pose and shows her feet with pointed toes

There are many things to do during the Holiday season. But if you’re lazy and want to enjoy entertainment from the comforts of your home, how about this video? It looks like it’s the Holiday season in the video, as you can see a Christmas tree and some presents lying on the floor.But those are not the main attractions. In the four-and-a-half-minute video, you will see a model who is a pretty feet girl. Her name is Lily, and she is a blonde bombshell. Lily has light eyes, and she’s wearing an orange-colored short and sleeveless dress.

The model is lying on her stomach on what appears to be a long red sofa seat.
Lily’s toes are painted bright red, and she has slender feet. She has gorgeous arches that bend even more when she curls her feet. The camera doesn’t stay long on her face but zooms in on her feet. Now, her soles are visible. Don’t they look pretty and sexy? They look well-groomed and soft. When she curls her feet, some wrinkles appear on her soles. That makes them natural and sexier. As the viewer is focused on her soles, the camera person suddenly moves further, and you can see Lily smiling at the camera. It’s an exciting shot. She is a pretty feet girl and she knows that!

The model rotates her ankles, spreads the toes, and curls back her feet in separate motions. Each movement is mesmerizing and entices the viewer. The camera person is skilled, too, as he knows when to zoom in and out. Next, the camera focuses only on her soles; you can see how gorgeous they look. The camera then moves a little backward, and you can see Lily, too. She is smiling and seems pretty relaxed in her display. As she wriggles and moves her toes, the viewer wants to see more of her feet and soles. But since the clip has limits, it ends with the model continuing to perform till the last moment.

Model: Lily
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 19.12.2019
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