Girl Shows Her Pretty Feet And Toes In High Heels. 4k Video

Because of the specifics of our website, we understand very well how important it is for the girls to have pretty feet and toes. Most of the women around have no idea about this, and they neglect to take care of these amazing parts of their bodies. So many women don’t do a pedicure; they don’t take care of their soles and even don’t paint the nails on their toes. This is a sad truth about the world we live in. But our feet models are not among them! Our models always have well-groomed and super sexy feet, because they are always excited to give the best possible experience to our members.

It is always cool to work with the feet model who knows how to take care of her toes, soles, and legs in general. Members of our team used to work as photographers and videographers in all kinds of projects; they met many models during their career path. And we all met the beautiful girls, who had gorgeous bodies, faces, skin, etc., but they had really bad feet that had never been pedicured. We were always questioning this natal phenomenon. How is it possible that pretty girl just does not care about the appearance of her feet? This is very strange and weird!

Some of our models told us that their boyfriends (who didn’t have a foot fetish) always were telling them that taking care of their feet is just money and time waste. These boys didn’t care about pretty feet and toes of their beautiful partners! This is a sorrowful story. The reason behind it is that many foot-fetishists are not ready to admit that they have that kind of passion. They are shy, and they believe that it is worth hiding. We don’t share this opinion! We want everybody to know that it is the form of art!


Model: Anna
Nail polish: Black
Release date: 29.11.2019
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