Girl With Perfect Soles Tease You. 4k Video

This video is fully dedicated to Natalie’s perfect soles. This girl has small feet, even and beautiful toes. Her soles are absolutely flawless! In this video, she sits on the small sofa and showing her assets from all the angles. She is scrolling something on her phone. Meantime the camera is doing different kinds of movements around her feet, expecting and observing all the details. This video is made with the use of natural light. The skin tone is perfect, and all the small details are very visible! She is barefoot for the whole length of the video. This is what we really love!

Her soles are well-groomed, soft, and silky, without any flaws or dirt. It is so hard to find a girl who takes the proper care of her feet and soles! At our studio, we value these girls in the same way as real gold! The models need to do a proper pedicure and go to the nail technician before the shooting. Some girls can do it themselves by we prefer not to risk. So we always send them to a professional! In this video Natalie has pretty red nail polish on her beautiful sexy toes. This is the most seductive color! Next time she will have a french pedicure.

At some point, we have to invite her to participate in food crushing. Many feet lovers that kind of action. What could be more alluring than watching the sexy girl smashing some fruits with her sexy feet, pretty toes, and perfect soles? This show is just hypnotizing! Natale’s feet have a beautiful arch and a nice form. That’s why we will work with the model on a constant basis. We received very good feedback from our members about Natalie. My guess was right! She has perfect feet and toes.

Model: Natalie
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 06.05.2020


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