Natalie Shows Her Sexy Feet And Legs. Super Short Skirt.

Here is a video of a girl wearing a chequered mini skirt with a skin-tight black top showing off her sexy feet and legs for your enjoyment. Her incredibly high heels that are probably about 7 inches look daring. But she’s here for those who like to see girls in extremely high heels! The beautiful and smooth legs of the model grab the attention of every viewer of this video as she plays with her heels and runs them along her slender legs. With the two other pairs of heels kept on the side, you can see that the model picked the boldest one first to entertain you in the first part of the video. As she takes off her shoes to wear another one, you can see that she has a French pedicure done on her toenails. It is going to be easy to say that this model has one of the most gorgeous pairs of legs. Anyone would trip and fall if they see her like this on the street!

Her second pair of black heels also make her feet look edible! When she takes them off, you can see more of her bare feet and enjoy watching them. The third and the last pair of heels is a red-colored one with cut-off straps, which we assume it was meant for her to show you her stunning pedicured feet. You’ve already seen her sexy feet and legs in black heels. But hold your breath for the next one as the red color looks even more stunning on her skin. As she lies down and puts up her feet, it’s easy to notice that she likes looking at them herself! Enjoy watching as the model stands and plays around with her amazing and long legs.

Model: Natalie
Nail polish: French
Release date: 15.06.2020
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