Mature Girl Shows Her Sexy Soles And Feet On The Swing

This is a very unusual foot fetish video! We were not planning to make it, but when we arrived at the studio and discovered the swing, we decided that it can serve as the perfect prop to demonstrate the beauty of this girl’s feet and soles. In this high quality, 4k video mature girl shows her soles, feet, and toes while sitting on the swing. The camera is observing her feet from behind, giving the viewer the most intimate and close view. Alina didn’t have any experience with a foot fetish before, but she was very excited and thrilled to try it for the first time. She said that she met some men who were worshipping her feet in the past, and she really enjoyed it because it is charming and sexy.

This mature girl shows her soles and feet because she knows how happy the men will be when they see them! She likes it when the men are covertly looking at her feet on the street. She wears high heels quite often because she understands how does it affect her looks and perception among the man. And she is right! High heels do enhance female beauty. They make the feet more beautiful and legs longer and sexier! This girl has amazing soles and feet! She has brown nail polish on her toes. At we are not fans of this color, but we know that our subscribers like variety, so why not?

Feet model Alina sits on the swing and shows her soles and toes from behind. This video is made with the use of natural light, it will give you an opportunity to see all the details of her skin, nails, and soft legs. She even does some sexy feet dangling with her high heeled mules in this 4k video, so you definitely will enjoy it!

Model: Alina
Nail polish: brown
Release date: 21.07.2020


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