Sexy Mature Feet and Soles Video With Beautiful Blond Woman

In this amazing video, our beautiful and pretty model Lana, will be showing her stunning mature feet and soles. She will be teasing you, flirting with the camera and showing her body from all the possible angles and sides. In this video, she wears a nice anklet and a toe ring that are enhancing the natural beauty of her feet. This woman is 32 years old, she has two children, but she looks very good! Those who love mature women will be very appreciated and happy to see this lady performing in this foot fetish video! Lina is very shy, you can see this quite clearly, but she does her best to perform in the best possible way!

She wears a cute T-shirt and short shirts. Her legs are long, smooth, and beautiful. This woman has fresh pink nail polish on her toes. She did a full pedicure right before our video shoot. She is a very responsible model! She was asking us about all the details of the shoot to do her best to prepare for it. She was very excited to participate in her first-ever feet video shoot of that king! And we will work with her in the future too!

This girl enjoys showing her flawless feet and teasing the camera. Yes, sometimes, it was hard for her to feel relaxed because she is not the professional model, unlike many other girls from our website. She started her career in modeling just two years ago and doesn’t have much experience yet. She managed to keep the shape of her body in a very good form despite the fact that she is not the young girl. Her sexy and pretty mature feet and soles are something to be proud of! She told us that she is willing to continue to work as the foot model in the future too.


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