Mature Feet Model Shows Her Wrinkled Soles. 4k Video

If you’re looking for entertainment that will please your senses and delight you simultaneously, you came to the right place. Keep watching and enjoy a mature feet model tease and mesmerize you for about seven minutes. The model in the clip is Nancy. She is a raven-haired beauty with brown eyes and long legs. She looks shy but sexy and confident. Nancy is wearing a black and white lace top and a black mini skirt. A pair of blue strapless high heels complement the outfit.

The model looks stunning in the attire, and when you look closely, you notice that she’s wearing red nail polish on both her fingers and toenails. The background is greyish-white, and the floor appears like a wooden one. The combination of black, white, and blue looks perfect as the model begins the act. Nancy looks shyly at the camera and touches her hair. She turns to the side, and the camera lowers to her feet. She takes off one of the high heels and slowly caresses her other leg.

The act looks sensuous and is enough to capture the viewer’s attention. After a while, the model turns around and shows off her calves, and takes off one of the footwear. Now, one of her soles is on display; you can see that it’s clean and a little wrinkled. She curls her foot a little and starts caressing her other leg. She then repeats the act with her other foot. It’s slow and, therefore, pleasing to the eye. Nancy also turns sideways and performs the act, and finally, she puts off both her high heels. She stands barefoot and her face to the wall. Halfway through the clip, she switches to a pair of killer red stilettoes that look equally sexy.
She repeats the acts as with the blue high heels, and the video ends with one of her feet out of the footwear.
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Model: Nancy
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 23.01.2021
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