Mature Brunette Shows Her Oiled Soles, 4k Video

Megan is our new feet model. She is a mature young woman, 30+ years old. She works as a lawyer and occasionally moonlights as a model. We’ve known each other for a long time, she knew what I do and so she easily agreed to do her first ever foot fetish shoot. Before the shoot she had a fresh and very high quality French pedicure. The interesting thing is that in her normal life she always has a fresh pedicure too, I have never once in my life seen her with ungroomed feet. This adult brunette looks very good in the frame and knows how to pose. In this video she shows us her oiled soles that glisten in the sunlight. She is sitting on a brown couch, the camera captures the soles of her feet at very close range in perfect 4k quality with good lighting. The camera alternately captures her feet and toes in close-up, then captures the whole model.
Megan smears oil on her feet, crosses them, wiggles her toes and smiles. The video is 8 minutes and 8 seconds long and its quality is very high. This model has a very nice foot shape – high arch, flat toes and soft pink soles. This adult woman will stir the imagination of any man who has a strong passion for beautiful female feet.

Megan was one of the few models who before the shoot already knew about the existence of such a phenomenon as foot fetish. Apparently, there were men in her life who appreciated this part of her body, so she considers such a thing completely normal and not strange. It is good that there are women like Megan in the world! Don’t forget to check other videos with this stunning mature model on our website! We have plenty of them!

Model: Megan
Nail polish: French
Release date: 30.09.2023
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