Lyly shows some dangling, tiptoeing  and soles posing

This video consists of a few different scenes where Lily shows her legs and sexy beautiful feet in different ways. At the beginning of the video, she will sit on the chair with crossed legs, dangling with her mules, stretching her legs and stoking them. Camera will do a couple of closeups of her feet one by one, showing the delicate high arch and toes. Lily will do some toe-tapping in this video as well.

After performing this sitting posing, she will stand up and pose while standing. She will do some tiptoeing, twist her soles around and do some dipping. She will show her wrinkled soles and pretty toes very close to the camera, allowing you to see all the details of her beautiful body. In this video, she has bright red toenails. She wears an amazing red dress which fits her very well and highlights the shape of her young body.

During the video, you will notice that she is trying to hold her smile. It was happening because she had difficulties with dangling. This movement is not that easy as many people think. This girl never wore high heeled before, and that’s why for her, it was very quite hard to keep the shoe handing on the toe because it was always falling from her small feet. Many of our models encounter this difficulty in the video shootings.

Model: Lily
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 25.02.2020
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