Lina is walking on high heels and barefoot on treadmill

Watching the girl who walks on high heels is one of the most beautiful things the feet lover may experience in his life. What could be more graceful and seductive than this? That’s why we come up with this fantastic action for our website – walking on a treadmill on high heels. It gives a viewer an incredible opportunity to observe the sexy female feet that move without being distracted by anything else. Also, it allows you to see the walking feet from many different angles, zoom in, and see all the details of our model’s perfect feet and legs.

In this video, our feet girl wears very high heeled sandals and slowly walks on them on the treadmill, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and grace of her toes and soles. Not all the girls know how to walk on high heels properly, but Lina is not one of them. The arch of her feet looks much higher when she wears high heeled footwears, also she does a great job walking on the tips of her toes. She knows how to keep the balance and not shake while doing this because many of our girls are not able to keep the balance properly on to walk like that for a long period of time.

In this video, she will do it while wearing high heeled sandals and also being barefoot, showing her pretty soft soles from behind. The process of taking the sandals off is another type of aesthetical pleasure for those guys who have a foot fetish. Each of us was secretly spying over the women while they were doing this! Also, Lina wears cute and sexy red polish on her pretty and elegant toes. Watching the gorgeous girl walking on a treadmill on high heels is a fantastic pleasure! We hope you enjoy this high-quality video.

Model: Lina
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 16.01.2020
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