Lana washes the dishes and showhs her sexy feet, soles and toes

In Feetwonder we believe that one can infinitely watch on three things – fire, water, and on the girl who is washing the dishes while standing on the high heeled sandals or mules. What can be more beautiful than a girl who is trying to take the cup from the upper shelf in the kitchen? The moment when she stands up on her toes is fantastic! It makes her arch look so sexy and alluring! It highlights the curvature of the elegant female feet and makes them even more seductive!

In this video, Lina will do exactly this. She has cute red toenails, and she wears pretty black high heeled mules. She washes is washing the dishes, but the camera films her from above and shows her feet in all the details – her soles, toes, and perfect ankles. She does lots of tiptoeing, and this process looks hypnotizing. The sound of falling water on the background increases this hypnotic effect. I wish all the dishwashers looked like Lina! This video is the evidence which proves that it is possible to make even the most basic process (like dishwashing) look sexy and pleasant to watch.

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Marisa demonstrates her sexy feet, toes and soles. 4k Video

Release Date 31.01.2020
Duration 07.05
Model Marisa
Nail polish French
Action Table