Hot Ukrainian Girl With High Arches In High Heels, 4k Video

In this video you will see a hot Ukrainian girl with high arches named Olga. She is dressed in a beautiful, tight black dress that accentuates the curves of her figure. She has a narrow waist, wide hips, big breasts and incredibly long legs, perfect feet and beautiful toes. She has an incredible high arch of the foot. In this video you will see her standing with her back to the wall standing on her heels. She takes turns pulling one foot out after the other and shows her soles to the camera. Her soles are wrinkled and smelly, she had been walking in these heels all day before the shoot.

We asked her not to wash her feet so they would be fragrant, we know how important this is to foot fetish connoisseurs. Olga’s toe nails are painted a nude color. Olga knows how to walk in heels, her gait is elegant and graceful, like a panther.

Several times Olga turns sideways, alternately showing her arch of the foot. Olga is a very beautiful girl, this was her first shoot and she was nervous, but she quickly caught on and began to feel comfortable. Olga told us that it excites her to know that thousands of men will admire her pretty feet and toes. 

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Model: Olga
Nail polish: Nude
Release date: 01.02.2023
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