Girl Shows Her Hot Sexy Feet And Perfect Toes. 4k Video

This video is devoted to our amazing model, Natalie’s hot sexy feet. She wears a pretty shirt and short denim shorts. For the whole video, she will be barefoot, laying on her back on the bed and showing her fantastic legs, toes, and soles to our camera-girl (me). This is our second video shooting with Natalie, so she has a different polish on her toenails. This time it is black! According to our data, black color is the second popular one after the red. My personal favorite is french, just for your information! So for our next shooting, Natalie will have a french pedicure on her toes! She only has to let her nails grow a little because usually, she cuts them very short.

In her previous video, Natalie was showing her beautiful female feet in high heels, but in this one, she is constantly barefoot. She pushes the wall with her legs, showing her perfect and very high arch. The shape of this girl’s feet es literally accurate, the size is very small, and that’s why the shape looks even better. Her skin is soft, silky, and tanned; this girl knows how to take care of her self and how to look gorgeous!

This is our first video where the model shows her sexy hot feet while being in this pose. And we enjoyed it a lot! This pose is fantastic to show the full length of the model’s legs; it gives an excellent opportunity to film both arch and toes. Camera-man does not need to walk too much around the model, and she is in the perfect spot to be observed. Now we know for sure that we will do that kind of scene with all our new feet models because it looks so excellent and seductive! We are waiting for your feedback!

Model: Natalie
Nail polish: Black
Release date: 28.03.2020
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