Hot Girl Shows Her Wrinkled Soles, 4k Video

It’s no fun just watching a model sit in a stationary chair. So here we have for you, Rose in a rotating chair, moving around, so you get the full view of this hot girl’s wrinkled soles. In a plain backdrop, with only the marble patterned walls for Color, Rose is sitting on a chair facing the side of the room. She has her head turned towards the camera with a bright smile on her face. Her dress is a combination of blue, white and lavender prints with an intricate floral design right below her chest. This beautiful pop of colors is the perfect match for the dull walls. Her feet are in a tip-toe position, creating a high arch for her soles. Her long brunette hair flows down smoothly to the midsection of her back. She moves her feet to and fro, exchanging the positions of her feet each time. Her toes are painted in a fresh white color. From this angle, you can see that she has a tattoo on the lower part of her shin, which makes the whole video hotter than it already is. By the way, this girl is young. Do you like mature wrinkled soles instead of young ones? Here you can find one!

The next part is of Rose’s feet on the bar of the stool where she is sitting. Her back is turned to the camera, but her soles face you. You have a driver and clear view of her feet, all wrinkled and arched from her body position.  She leaves the stool to walk barefoot on the hardwood floors, and she shows you just what you want to see- her wrinkled soles! Afterward, she puts on a pair of hot red heels and continues her routine. If you want to know more about this hot girl’s wrinkled soles, make sure you watch the video, and it will not disappoint you.

Model: Rose
Nail polish: White
Release date: 22.09.2021
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