High Heels Treadmill Walking Video 4k

High heels treadmill walking? Sounds crazy! But ow you have the opportunity to watch this amazing process in excellent 4k quality! In this video, our feet model Tory does exactly this! At the beginning of the video, she puts on her sexy shoes and then starts to walk on the treadmill. She does very slow and elegant, showing the grace of her body and the shape of her legs and feet. Her body is covered with different tattoos, and for her, they mean a lot!

The shape of this girl’s feet is really beautiful. She has a very high arch and even toes. In this video, she has gorgeous red nail polish on them. Walking on the high heels is not easy, especially if you do it on the high-platformed pleasers, but Tory did a great job! We hope that you enjoy this video. The next step for us will be filming that kind of scene in slow motion!

High heels treadmill walking is not an easy job, but our well-trained feet models are ready for any kind of challenge to make our members and customers happy.  Walking on high heels is something that makes female feet look more beautiful, elegant, and sexy. When to woman wears high heels, she starts to feel different, and that’s why other people around begin to perceive her in another way. High heels often improve the self-esteem of the woman and also give her a feeling of power. In this video, Tory wears super high heeled pleasers that look very dangerous and alluring on her; all her image suits this type of footwear very well. Black is her color; it combines very well with her pink hair. This girl knows her to please the men around with her amazing and unique looks! We hope you will like this video!

Model: Tory
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 12.11.2019
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